Saturday, December 21, 2013

Game 11: Self-Deprecating Edition: Pitt 43 Cincinnati 44

It is my firm belief that nobody understands disappointment quite like Pitt fans.  Oh they tease us with high rankings and lofty goals, but at the end of the day, we know how it's going to turn out.  For this recap, I am going to keep a joke counter for how many times I can make fun of Pitt athletics in one post.

From @PezDOY

Pitt Joke Counter: 2

Well Pitt suffered their first loss of the season to Cincinnati on Tuesday night.  Rather than give individual grades, I'm just going to look at some pros and cons from the game.


-Pitt gave up fewer points in this game than they did in 2009 when they blew a 31-10 lead at Heinz Field against Cincy with a BCS berth on the line.

Pez again
-Nobody committed a foul 85 feet from the basket with less than a second left to play.

-Pitt scored more than they did when they were the Washington Generals for one game in 2012.

-Pitt outrebounded Cincinnati off missed shots by Cincinnati 19-16.

-Nobody threw the ball away with 9 seconds left with a chance to upset the #1 team in the country and the eventual National Champion in your own building with the author of this post listening to the game on the radio in his mom's car while driving to pick out a Christmas tree when he was 9 years old.

-Pitt did not miss any dunks.

-All of Pitt's 10 missed free throws hit the rim.

-They made one field goal in the last 9:47 of the first half and one field goal in the last 14:54 of the second half, which is of course better than making 0 field goals in those time periods.

-Nobody was injured.

-This game only sent college basketball back 20 years.

-This loss ensures that Pitt will not have to go the BBVA Compass Bowl at the end of the season.

-Nobody swore in the post-game interviews.

-The loss guarantees Pitt will not lose a game as a ranked opponent for at least another month.

-Nobody transferred to another school, and there were no coaching changes during the game.


There were none.

Pitt Joke Counter:  24

Pitt's season ends with a disappointing 10-1 record.*

Pitt Joke Counter: 26

Hail to Pitt,

*Pitt's season did not really end.  They will play California Polytechnic State University on Saturday. 

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